{ice-cream} party ideas for kids

party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-17I love ice-cream! I am sure that many adults do to0, but most  children if not all,  love ice-cream even more. When I saw the various ice-cream theme parties and their various combinations, I knew I had to share them. I have chosen a pastel colour scheme, but it may be customised for boys too. Simply use yellows; greens; blues and even reds.

I would love to know what you think of these party ideas for kids.



party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-1party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-8party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-9party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-4party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-15party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-14party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-19party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-13party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-12party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-11party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-6party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-10 Printables available from HWTM.

party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-3party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-21party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-20party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-16Printables available for download here.


{hello kitty} party ideas for kids

Little girls love Hello Kitty. I found this gorgeous simple yet elegant party on 100 layer cake. The red and pink are a delightful change from the all pink colour scheme normally associated with Hello Kitty. The gold add such glamour but not over the top. Perfect Hello Kitty theme party.

Enjoy, Nicole


DIY – Garland for chair and wall back drop

Source: 100 layer cake

{neon} party ideas for kids


With the neon trend in fashion, that by the way I absolutely love, I thought it would be such fun to host a neon colour burst party. I found a party designed by Hello!Lucky that I had to share.

My favourite decor piece, which attracted me to this party in particular, is the make shift box castle with neon tape. So much fun, especially for little ones.

Enjoy, Nicole



DIY resources:

Home made play dough


100 layer cake-let

{Easter} party ideas for kids

Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_16

Easter is the time of love and thankfulness. It is a reminder of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for each of us. Any little girl or boy who celebrates their birthday over the Easter period is truly blessed.

In researching ideas for this post, I found so many images of great parties. Some vintage, some bright and colorful and other let’s say, organic. I loved so many images, but will share my favorites with you.

Enjoy, Nicole

Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_1Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_2Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_3Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_4Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_6Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_7Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_8

Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_5Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_9Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_10
Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_13Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_14Party Ideas for Kids_Easter_15

Resources and DIY steps:

Easter table

Golden marbles easter eggs

Decorative wooden straws

Rose and orange cupcakes recipe

Sugar bunny cookies recipe

Bunny cotton tails download

Easter bunny bottle filled treats

Bunny jars DIY

Some bunny loves you download

Pinterest inspiration

Hi all,

Pinterest is a great place if you need inspiration or love looking at pretty things. It is filled with other stuff too. It is awesome and addictive and pretty and amazing and and and… I simply love it.

Pinterest is made up of virtual boards and if you already joined up you know its addictive and if you have not yet joined up. You are missing out, well in my opinion at least.

For more loveliness check out my boards and please follow me on Pinterest


The next social media blog post will be based on Pinterest. I am so excited about this as I found out so many more great tips and tricks for businesses.


{Party} Rockstar | Popstar launch party

I saw this idea on HWTM and instantly LOVED it. I am sure that many parents get asked by their pre-teenage daughters or even sons to have a disco styled party. Perhaps they would like it for the 13th birthday, the official mark of becoming a teenager. Well if you are apprehensive about having a real disco style party, this one is for you.


What better way is there to show that you are a rockstar or popstar, than by having your own albumn launch party. The decor can be centered around the albumn cover. The party girl/boy could even sign these before issuing the invitations to the VIP guests.


You can have any type of food at the launch party, but keep it aligned to the theme, so whether you can print containers to match the theme or you colour coordinate it all. As long as it all ties together.


Find an area in your home that you can decorate into the disco or VIP lounge area and kit it out with a karaoke machine, which is always fun.



If you would like, you can get the kids to dress up so have props available, or get them to make their own props.

Party favours:

Once again you can have any party favours as long as it matches the theme. In the image below they used chocolate shaped as a mic. Really clever.


{Party} Dreamy Owl party

I found this gorgeous party inspiration on HWTM. I love the dreaminess of the pastels used in the color scheme. You can personalise everything for your little one or you can keep it generic.


The owl design was used to introduce the party theme.


This party has a lot of arts and crafts, but they are as easy as 1,2,3. There are large owls made from poms poms and peer to create the facial features and bunting lined the walls.

This theme can be made for boys as well, by simply changing the colour scheme.


The candy/ dessert table is where it all comes alive, it is filled with owls.

Have fun!



Activities to do with kids at parties or just for fun

A child’s laughter is the best sound, for me, in the world. When children laugh they laugh from their belly. Not a care in the world, just pure joy and happiness. I love being surrounded by little ones and in so doing I enjoy playing with them, getting down to their level, whether it is colouring in a picture, painting, doing arts and crafts and simply running around having fun. When was the last time you spent time, real time, with your little one or a little one that’s important in your life?

Take time out and cherish the moments with your little ones. In this blog I have added a few activities from various blogs I found, I am sure it will keep your all busy for hours on end.


Have fun!