{ice-cream} party ideas for kids

party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-17I love ice-cream! I am sure that many adults do to0, but most  children if not all,  love ice-cream even more. When I saw the various ice-cream theme parties and their various combinations, I knew I had to share them. I have chosen a pastel colour scheme, but it may be customised for boys too. Simply use yellows; greens; blues and even reds.

I would love to know what you think of these party ideas for kids.



party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-1party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-8party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-9party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-4party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-15party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-14party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-19party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-13party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-12party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-11party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-6party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-10 Printables available from HWTM.

party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-3party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-21party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-20party-ideas-for-kids-ice-cream-party-16Printables available for download here.



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