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This is the 3rd part of this social media series. If you missed the previous two posts your can go and read Part 1 and Part 2 in your own time. I have not necessary designed these blog posts in any special order, however it does follow as makes most sense and use to me.

As stated in Part 1, I started this social media series to help other entrepreneurs make better use of the various social media channels to create a brand awareness. It is however not just about brand awareness it is about being visible to your target audience.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool. How can this add value to your life?

  • Have you ever wanted to post an update or content on special days and you knew  you would not be able to do so for some or other reason?
  • I am sure you have you finished a blog post at some ridiculous hour of the night/morning (as I have). It seems pointless to share the blog post via Facebook, twitter and Pinterest at that hour as most people will not be online and when they do check their news feeds it would be populated with other content.

This is where Hootsuite comes to the rescue. Although most times you can schedule your blog post updates, you will still need to manually share your content onto Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc.

Hootsuite as the heading of this post suggests, is a social media management tool. It is a fantastic tool that schedules alerts to various social media platforms.

Hootsuite allows you to add up to 5 profiles (this is the free option) to your account. You can then schedule updates to be posted to your profiles. You can select all profiles assigned to your account or you can tweak the update per profile, example, shorter updates for twitter than Facebook etc. Perhaps you would like to schedule different times for your post to be communicated to your various profiles. If not, as I do, you can then just select all and schedule an update or two at the best times.

I would love to hear  any feedback you may have on using Hootsuite, whether you are a newbie to it or not.

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– Nicole


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