{Family} Christmas with the Gurling family

This year was the first time I decided to offer family Christmas shoots and it is all thanks to this lovely lady, Jackie Gurling. She initially requested it when  I met her, Mark and the girls (Logan and Tyler) a few weeks ago when I had the honour of this family gracing my lens. We met at Banksia Boutique Hotel (these images will soon available) and spent time chatting, playing with the cat and of course capturing the moments. The little girls were so adorable just as they were yesterday at the Christmas mini-shoot.

I got creative in post-editing for this one, would be keen to know what you think of them. Please leave your comments below.

Have a safe and blessed Christmas holiday and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Oh Snap!


Christmas mini - shoot

Christmas mini – shoot

Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-5 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-7 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-8 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-9 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-13 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-14 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-17 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-20 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-22 Nicole-Henriques-Photography-Cape-Town-Christmas-shoot-Gurling-family-2012-27


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