{Children} Nicole Henriques Photography is now specialising in Children’s Photography

I have always loved taking pictures. I remember having a polaroid style camera at the age of 7 and taking pictures of anything and everything (wish I remember where the camera is now). About two years ago I decided to start my ‘official’ photography journey with Sugar and Spice Photography. At the time I had a children’s party planning company as well and I would take pictures at the parties as an additional service. I fast realized that even though I enjoyed being creative and seeing the joy on the birthday child’s face when they saw the decor all set up, I enjoyed photographing the decor and capturing the party moments more. This year I have re-branded Sugar and Spice Photography, as their are quite a few world wide to simply Nicole Henriques Photography. By doing this I would like to bring myself closer to my work and give you, an opportunity to look closer at me.

Throughout these two years I have been trying to find my place in the big photography world and it is BIG. There is so much information and so many styles of photography. I have tried my hand at quite a few ranging from maternity to newborns, from little ones to their birthday parties, couples and even weddings. I must admit as a photographer, I loved them all, but what makes my heart leap and get me all excited is when I have to photograph little ones; be it a maternity shoot, newborn or little ones and their parties.

Eventhough my heart told me this, I was not sure as I was comparing myself to other photographers in the market and I saw them doing a range of styles and I thought that is the way I need to be as well. The lightbulb moment happened last week when I attended a Milk and Honey workshop by a darling photographer, Lara Scott of Lara Scott Photography and Lovely Little People. Lara specialises in Children’s Photography and during the workshop she was speaking about finding your style and she said something that I found to be so profound. The following is not a  direct translation, but this is what it sounded like in my head: Specialising in a specific style does not make you less competent than a photographer that does more than one style. Specialising allows you to be more competent in the specific style that you choose, as you will be able to focus on that style and know all there is to know, versus someone who ‘dips’ into various styles.

When I heard this my heart jumped again as I knew what I was meant to do, Children’s Photography. For this I thank you Lara, from the bottom of my heart.

via Pinterest

I believe that children are a gift from God and they need to be cherished. I am most happy when I am emerged in the chitter chatter and laughter of little ones. As children grow and develop so fast it is important to capture them right now in the moment that will make a lasting memory.

I trust that as I, Nicole Henriques Photography, go deeper and expand into Children’s Photography that you come along with me on this magical journey full of life, laughter and colour.



One thought on “{Children} Nicole Henriques Photography is now specialising in Children’s Photography

  1. wow Nicole, thank you so much for sharing your heart this way. It makes mine so happy knowing that what i said touched you in a deep way. I am thankful to God for his great voice and know that with your heart and mind focussed on Him, there will be nothing stopping you from creating pictures that are breath-taking! xxx

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