{Wedding} Leigh-Rae and Celeste | Say “I do”

Last Saturday, 2 June 2012, one of my best friends’ got married. As I was a guest, I tried to put my camera down and relax, but as you can see there was no chance of this. It was one of my best friends’ getting married after all.

Celeste and I met in our 1st year at varsity (2003), I remember her sitting on the grass outside the Arts building at UCT, upper campus. I cannot recall the circumstances that led us to our first conversation (Zeleika probably comes in here some where), but I remember Celeste and her vibrant personality. This is one beautiful lady that always has a smile on her face. Throughout our time at varsity Celeste, Zeleika, Keenan and I were always together. We shared so many memories it still makes us laugh and cry when we think about them. Since varsity we have always tried to make time to get together and share in one anothers’ lives.  Because of the closeness we share, I got to meet Leigh-Rae.

Leigh-Rae is a special guy, when he tells the story of him and Celeste it was not love at first sight. He knew he wanted to get to know her more, but she did not think the same, this however did not stop Leigh, he perservered and today he has Celeste as his wife. *Virtual high-five Leigh*

The love between Celeste and Leigh is undeniable … take a look for yourself.

Celeste and Leigh-Rae, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Remember that everything may not be okay today or tomorrow, but eventually it will be. Love you both! Mwah

Leigh-Rae seeing his bride-to-be
Celeste looking at her groom
The lovely couple
Proud parents
Me, Celeste, Keenan and Zeleika
Love this captured moment
I wonder what he said to her
Love her expression
Ashley and Keenan
Gotta love him :-p
He makes my heart happy 🙂
Beautiful bride
My friend and I
Feet could not cope with the heels
The guys

Oh! Snap


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