{Party} Cheslyn’s surprise 31st birthday supper | Sevruga | Cape Town

It is really hard for me to keep surprises, I get so excited I want to share my findings and ideas with someone. Keeping Cheslyn’s birthday supper a surprise was the hardest, because he is my love and every time I thought of something I wanted to tell him. I had so many different ideas going through my head, some I actually had to change because I gave too many hints, that he didn’t even ask for, but I gave and he figured it out LOL. Throughout the month of May (his birthday month) I gave him little surprises, but this supper was the most difficult and fun as I had to make all the arrangements without him suspecting anything. For the entire day of his birthday he did not know that I invited friends to join us until…we collected over 20 cupcakes, that was a give away :-p The evening however was really fun, I took photo props with for the guests and they were such great sports in using them.

Oh! Snap


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