{Children} Sophia at 6 months | Captured in her nursery | Part 1

Nicole (Sophia’s mom) contacted me and requested I capture images of her darling little baby girl. As Nicole stated in her email, they have not yet had professional photos taken of Sophia only the ‘happy snappy’ shots. In my opinion these are awesome as well and there are so many apps that allow you to do some stunning things with those images…but that’s for another day.

So on Saturday, 21 April I set off to go and capture images of this little darling. As Nicole and I discussed we would keep the shoot natural, no props and stuff and we would use Sophia’s nursery as a backdrop. There is so much detail in her nursery, it was perfect for this shoot. This was a wonderful decision as Sophia was relaxed and bubbly as well . *High five, Nicole!

There are quite a number of images I would like to share so I am adding them in a 2 part blog.

Thank you Nicole and Charles for entrusting me to capture on camera, this precious stage of Sophia’s life.

That’s it for now.

Oh! Snap


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