{Couple} Bradley and Candice | Sun, Sea and a Lighthouse | Mouille Point | Cape Town

It’s always great fun when I do a shoot for friends, but this one was even more special as it was for Candice. Now let me tell you about Candice and I. We became friends in standard 4 (grade 6) I can’t remember that moment when we became friends but I remember her colour pens lol. I love stationery and colour pens are the way to my heart. Our friendship led from the use of her colour pens to sleep overs, lots and lots of sleep overs. Then high school began and we went our separate ways. We did not see each other that often, but our love for writing led to a large some of letters back and forth. We shared our lives in those letters. Okay so I can go on forever, but the point I am making is that our friendship is one of those magical ones. The one where you do not need to always see each other but you find a way of staying in contact and you never lose that connection. Candice this blog is for you (and Bradley). Trust that the pictures make you both happy, happier than it made me while taking and editing them.

Oh! Snap


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