Party Ideas for Kids| Nicole: PRINCESS PARTY

I have been booked to capture the fun-filled moments of little Lirah’s princess party on the 19 November. This got me thinking of what her mom must be going through leading up to her party. I use to run a kids’ party planning company and know the stress that comes with wanting to make your little angel’s birthday the best ever (not forgetting that every year needs to be better than the year before).

I have therefore decided to dedicate this blog to ‘planning a princess party‘ – the blog is designed to be DIY, any mom, no matter your budget or time, can use some or all of the elements. Remember at the end of the day the most important element is that your little princess knows how important she is.

  • Decide on the colour scheme. Below are dreamy colours I would use.
  • Invitation: All royal parties start with the invitation. Add the party details to the wand and hand  deliver them to the guests. Click here for the tutorial to assist in making the wand and tiara.

  • Decor: There are so many ideas for princess party decor. Below are my favourites. 
  1. Dress up a wire body model with a princess dress or print off images from the internet and place them on the table.
  2. Cut out a star or tiara (or image of your choice) and use cake flour to add the image to the walkway. 
  • Snacks: Have figurines of the princess dresses made as lollipops, sandwiches cut out as tiaras, cupcakes placed in a princess holder or a cupcake stand dressed with tulle.
  • Games: To keep the guests entertained, let them play Princess and the frog (pin the bow-tie on the frog) or get them to make beaded princess bracelets. Both of these activities can keep them busy for some time.

  • Party pack: Get any form of a bag and dress it with tulle for a princess bag.      
Remember there is no perfect formula for any party, but there is a vast amount of resources available. I trust that you have enjoyed this blog entry.
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