{Party} Janine’s CROWN birthday | Beluga | Cape Town

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful cousin, Janine who turned 25 on the 25th June. Janine is a permanent visitor (cause she is permy here lol) to Cape Town and decided to spend her birthday in Cape Town with family, friends and Craig :-). I got to spend much needed time with my little cousin, who is no longer little.

Saturday started with and early trip to Charly’s bakery for their delicious cupcakes, to be shared at a fun filled dinner @ Beluga. Best part, after expecting Janine to be all excited that I went to get her cupcakes, she simply looked at it, thinking it was part of the birthday booking @ the restuarant lol. Ummm no, Nini, I got up to go get them lol. Better was Rezeen, not being able to wait to finish his meal so that he could tuck into the cupcakes (check his pic).

Nini, thanks for all the laughs this past weekend. Even us, simply laughing at you laughing. Below are selected pics of the night. Even the one of you trying to get under the table when we sang happy birthday to you and others in the restuarant joined in (@ least you got free ice-cream, an upgrade from Spur lol).

Safe trip home, Nini, until the next visit. Mwah, love you! No matter what you will always be my little cousin.

Oh! Snap


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